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Spring Drama Fever

I have never been in a play unless you count the small ones I did while in my mother's French classes. However, I suddenly find myself surrounded by actors and performers in my own family!

My son and my wife are performing in the school spring play. It is a rendition of Elektra, cut and arranged by our Theater Director Jenifer Coté. Byron and Irma started their involvement because Jenifer has decided to set the play to the powerful beat of Taiko drumming. I am not sure what happened after that, but Byron was playing one of the main roles all of a sudden. He is Paedagogus, who hides Orestes for years until he is old enough to take revenge on Aegisthus and Clytemnestra for their murder of his father, Agamemnon.

Every evening they return home really pumped up from the rehearsals. They are training other high school students, which is apparently easier than teaching a workshop to the community as most of these students are already accomplished on another instrument of some kind.

I think the real reason they are so energized is that they are spending quality time together doing something important and meaningful. This is our son's last semester of High School, and next year he is heading to Minnesota for college. I know Irma is relishing her time with him... which reminds me... I think I better set up a fishing trip with him...

—Sophocles Elektra: Sonoma Academy Spring Performance, May 16-19, 2019


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