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Woodland Revisited

This time I was the featured teller, which is a role that Jeff Gere played at the last Storyteller's Cafe. What a delightful evening full of great stories. Karen Daly told a lively tale about a chicken that took over her back yard, and Mike Poe told a two tales: one was a riveting account of how he came within about ten feet of a missile launch in San Diego; another about how his adventure with horseradish left him gasping on his kitchen floor, barely holding onto his life. Other stories included adventures with luggage, an account of an African safari, and, of course, a beautiful tale told by CASA organizer Tracy Fauver, about a father who fought to regain control of his life and custody of his children. 

The evening was warm and beautiful, which was a tone set by the hostess, Cherie Porter, who provided gracious commentary and eloquent recitations of poetry between the tellers. 

I was given two twenty-minute sets, which I find to be just about the perfect amount of time. It enables me to relax without getting too run-down or tired. I love weaving together the different stories I tell about Missouri, or Sumatra, or Bali. This time I did "Indians up Brush Creek" woven with "The Voice of the River" for the first set. I followed that with "HelloIloveyou" blended with the "Monkey/Bus story." 

Thank goodness, I am working on new material. I have a new piece about Balinese demons, along with a new version of the story about courting my wife, who was not at all interested in a relationship with me. I hope to break these out soon!

Storytelling for a good cause

—Storyteller's Cafe, September 14, 2019, Morgan Mill's, Woodland


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